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Privacy Information Statement for use of the website


This page contains information on methods used by the DASIT S.p.A. institutional website for the processing of personal data of users who browse it. This information statement is provided pursuant to (EU) Regulation 2016/679 and regards the protection of natural persons with reference to the processing of their personal data and the free circulation of said data (hereinafter the "Regulation") as well as national personal data protection legislation for all those who interact with the

The information statement refers exclusively to the website of DASIT S.p.A. and does not apply to any other websites which the user may browse via links on said website.

Personal Data

Personal data is information which identifies an individual or which refers to an identifiable person, for example:

  • name and surname;
  • e-mail address;
  • telephone number.

DASIT S.p.A. must collect and elaborate aforementioned Personal Data to be able to offer and provide certain services requested by Customers and/or Users who visit the website. Should said persons fail to provide aforementioned information, DASIT S.p.A. will not be able to provide the requested service.

Personal Data Collection

DASIT S.p.A. and providers of services it uses may collect the Personal Data of Customers and Users who browse the website.

Use of Personal Data

DASIT S.p.A. and its service providers use Personal Data for the following reasons:

DASIT S.p.A. is required to manage these activities only after the data subject grants their explicit consent, or in order to respond to enquiries of a commercial nature.

Within the limits of data processing subject to consent, the user has the right to revoke consent to processing at any time.

The disclosure of Personal Data

DASIT S.p.A. shares Personal Data with suppliers/ third parties, to facilitate services provided by the latter. Example of provider services include: web hosting, data analysis, the elaboration of data, information technology and the supply of infrastructures, customer services, e-mail, auditing and other services.

Users and Customers may decide to share own Personal Data by filling out the "Order and Offers" form in the "Contacts" section and the "Submit Application" in the "Work with us" section.

Other uses

DASIT S.p.A. uses and discloses Personal Data as necessary and in a suitable manner, specifically according to any legal obligations or legitimate interests, such as:

  • compliance with applicable legislation: this may include legislation beyond own Country of residence;
  • compliance with requests from public and government authorities: this may include legislation beyond own Country of residence;
  • cooperation with the police: by responding to their requests;
  • in order to respond to user requests for information, offers or orders: requests sent via email to addresses listed under the "Contacts" section require the successive acquisition of some of the applicant's personal data, including their email address, in order to respond to submitted requests. Specific information shall be progressively included or displayed on website pages specifically designed for such special services provided upon request;
  • to respond to requests following the submission of applications for open job vacancies: to follow up any candidate selection process. Specific information will be progressively listed or displayed on website pages.

Collection of other information

DASIT S.p.A. and its service providers may collect other Personal Data in accordance with methods described here below, including:

  • Via the user's device or browser:
    • some information is automatically collected by most browsers or devices, such as the MAC (Media Access Control) address, type of computer (Windows or Mac), screen resolution, the name and version of the operative system, device manufacturer and model, Internet browser language, type and version, the name and version of the Website used by the User. DASIT S.p.A. uses this information to guarantee correct Website operation.
  • Use of Cookies:
    • DASIT S.p.A. uses cookies to track visits to own Website, for statistical purposes. Cookies consist of information memorised directly by the computer being used. Cookies enable the collection of information such as: browser type, time spent on Website, pages visited, language preferences and other traffic data. DASIT S.p.A. and its service providers use information for security reasons, to facilitate browsing, to view information in a more effective way and to personalise the DASIT S.p.A. browsing experience. Also collects statistical information on Website use in order to continuously improve design and functionality, understand how it is used and as support for answering questions. Specifically, this website uses technical cookies for browsing. For further information on how to reject cookies and on types of cookies used by Websites, please refer to Appendix 1 "Full Cookie Information Statement".
  • IP address:
    • The IP address is automatically allocated to a computer by an Internet services provider. An IP address may be identified and automatically registered in our server register files each time a user accesses the Website, along with the duration of the visit and visited page(s). The collection of IP addresses is a standard practice and is carried out automatically by numerous Websites, applications and other services. DASIT S.p.A.  uses IP addresses for purposes such as calculating levels of use, the diagnosis of server problems and Website management. We also receive the approximate geolocalisation from the IP Address.


DASIT S.p.A. uses reasonable organisational, technical and administrative measures for Personal Data protection.

Options and access

DASIT S.p.A. Provides the chance for you to decide on the use and disclosure of personal Data for marketing purposes.

Reception of electronic notifications: if you no longer wish to receive the newsletter you may submit notification by email to: or alternatively, by ordinary mail to via R. Merendi, 22 20010 Cornaredo (MI).

Exercising your rights

If you wish to request, review, correct, update, limit or delete any Personal Data previously submitted to DASIT S.p.A. or if you wish to request an electronic copy of your personal Data for submission to another company (insofar as this right to data portability is guaranteed by governing law), you can contact DASIT S.p.A. by sending a request to:

via R. Merendi, 22 20007 Cornaredo (MI)

Please specify the following in your request: which Personal Data you wish to modify, if you would like your personal data to be deleted, or what type of limitation you wish to apply to the use of your Personal Data. To ensure necessary protection, DASIT S.p.A. may be required to verify your identity before processing your request.

DASIT S.p.A. will respond within 1 month from reception of a request to exercise any of the rights set forth in the Regulation, said time period may be extended to 2 months if required, subject to the complexity and number of received requests.

DASIT S.p.A. may need to file certain information in order to record and/or conclude operations undertaken prior to any received requests. Some information may remain filed on databases and other archives of

Conservation period

DASIT S.p.A. conserves Personal Data for the length of time required or permitted, in light of the purposes for which they were obtained and in compliance with governing regulations.

Criteria used to determine conservation period duration include:

  • the length of time relations with DASIT S.p.A. have been in place,  or the length of time Website use appears to be active;
  • any legal obligations to which DASIT S.p.A. is subjected (for example, legislation requiring the recording of operations for a specified period of time before deletion);
  • if conservation is advisable in light of your own legal position (such as applicable laws on limitations, disputes or investigations).

Website use by minors

The Website is not aimed at minors. DASIT S.p.A. does not knowingly use its website to request data from anyone under the age of 18 years.

Special Categories of Personal Data (better known as "sensitive data")

You are requested not to send or disclose any Personal Data to the company DASIT S.p.A., via the Web or in any other way, which may be considered sensitive (for example: information on race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, trade union membership, genetic or biometric data enabling the univocal identification of a natural person, data on the health, sex life or sexual orientation of a person).

Updates to this Privacy Information Statement

This information statement may be amended in light of any changes to the law, the orientation of regulations or our data privacy practices in compliance with the law. Whenever this occurs and whenever legally required to do so, we will provide you with a new or updated information statement which will describe changes to the use of your Personal Data pertaining to selection, including relative actions you will be required to carry out, if necessary.

Data Controller

The Data Controller is the company DASIT S.p.A, with registered office in Piazza Erculea 11, 20122 Milan - Italyin the person of its legal representative who you may contact in order to exercise your rights, by sending an email to: or alternatively by ordinary mail to via R. Merendi, 22 20007 Cornaredo (MI).

In case of presumed breach of data protection regulations, please submit a complaint to the National Personal Data Protection Authority.

Location of data processing

The processing of data linked to the consultation of this website takes place at Cornaredo (MI) sites and is carried out by personnel of DASIT S.p.A. as well as of the parent company DASIT Group S.p.A., appointed for processing, as well as at the facilities of suppliers providing the website  hosting service. The website hosting service is provided by:

DASIT Group S.p.A.
Via R. Merendi 22
20007 Cornaredo (MI)
Personal data provided by users is used only for the purposes of providing the service or fulfilling the request and is disclosed to third parties only if this is necessary for such purposes.

Annex 1: Full cookies information statement

What are cookies?

They are small text files sent by a website to a visitor and then sent back to the website for reading by the server. They enable the collection of certain information on the user's use of a certain website (how many and which pages are visited, how much time is spent on the website, which channel they came to the website from, etc.). This information is memorised on the hard disk of the computer or any other device used by the user to access the Internet.

Cookies enable the use or functioning of the website or of some of its functionalities, in short they enable you to:

  • memorise preferences (languages, font size, colour, etc.);
  • avoid having to re-enter the same information on several occasions during the visit (for example, login data), or manage your cart on an e-commerce website;
  • analyse the user's use of services and contents provided by the website;
  • view contents such as videos, maps, etc.;
  • enable the sharing of website contents on social networks;
  • provide personalised adverts for users, for a more effective advertising campaign.

There are different types of cookies.

Technical cookies

This type of cookie enables the correct functioning of some of the website's sessions. They are divided into two types, based on duration:

  • temporary (or session) cookies do not have an expiry date and are removed at the end of each session or whenever the browser is closed;
  • persistent cookies have a predefined expiry data and therefore remain on the user's computer even after they have finished their session or closed the Browser, so that the website can read them the next time the page is visited.

These cookies are necessary for correctly viewing the website and therefore they will always be used and sent, unless the user modifies their browser settings (with the risk of blocking certain website functionalities).

Analytical Cookies

This type of cookie is used to collect information in aggregate and anonymous form on the user's use of the website, in order to improve website use and contents. These cookies are considered to be technical whenever they are installed by the website manager and not by a third party. If analytical cookies are installed on the user's terminal by a website other than the one being visited by the user, then they are referred to as third party cookies, one example is Google Analytics. Third party cookies are analytical cookies as well as those cookies used to enable software functioning, such as social network share buttons on websites or other software for the implementation of videos or maps.

Profiling Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the creation of user profiles, to enable the sending of advertising messages in line with preferences manifested by users on Website pages.

Cookies used by this website.

Here below please find the various types of cookies used by DASIT S.p.A.

1. Technical cookies which do not require consent:

The following cookies are used insofar as they are strictly required for website functioning and service provision:







Permanence session

First party

Cookies used to indicate whether the user's browser has enabled javascript.



20 years

Third Party/ technical

(Google Maps)

Cookies used for consent to Google services.



All technical cookies do not require consent, therefore they are automatically installed following access to website.

Analytical Cookies: here follows a list of first party and third party cookies for which it is possible to express your own consent, even simply by continuing to browse or by closing the window containing the information statement.







Browsing (1 day)

Third Party/ Analytical

(Google Analytics)

Cookies used for session identification



Permanent (2 years)

Third Party/ Analytical

(Google Analytics)

Cookies used to number visits to website



10 minutes

Third Party/ Analytical

(Google Analytics)

Cookie used to accelerate requests


Third First party profiling cookies


1 hour

Third Party/ profiling


Cookies used to record a univocal ID on mobile devices to enable tracking based on geographical GPS position.



2 years

Third Party/ profiling


Cookies used to record a univocal ID used by Google for statistics linked to how the visitor uses YouTube videos on different websites.



1 month

Third Party/ profiling


Cookies used to try to estimate user's connection speed on pages with integrated YouTube videos.



Browsing Session

Third Party/ profiling


Cookies used to record a univocal ID for statistics linked to which YouTube videos are viewed by the user.



1 month

Third Party/ profiling

(Google Maps)

Cookies used to memorise user preferences and information each time they visit web pages containing geographical maps by Google Maps



1 month

Third Party/ profiling

(Google Maps)

Cookies used to memorise user preferences and information each time they visit web pages containing geographical maps by Google Maps


All technical cookies do not require consent, therefore they are automatically installed following access to website.

Third party websites and Cookies

Our Website may contain links to other websites with their own privacy policy and which may differ from the one applied by our website. We will not be held liable for the aforementioned and invite the user to inform themselves on said websites.

The cookies information statement is available on the following links: