“Partner in your choice”

This is our motto this is our mission this is DASIT group

Mission Statement

We strive to be the point of reference within the Research, Industrial and Clinical fields.

We bring our own knowledge in all our dealings.

We offer the commitment and the ability to provide today the tomorrow's need of our customers

  • We privilege long-term strategic decisions
  • Ethical and clear relationships in all our business
  • Continue to grow together as true "partners"

The holding DASIT Group controls one company operating in IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics):

  • DASIT S.p.A.

Additionally, two companies serving the research, analitycal and industrial laboratories, and production needs:

  • CARLO ERBA Reagents S.r.l.
  • FASTER S.r.l.



Born in the Laboratory and for the Laboratory


AXA Diagnostics S.r.l., with its highly qualified staff, is committed to ease the job of Labs, offering a wide range of Products, Systems and Services for the “disease management”, with particular focus on autoimmune diseases


  • SkyLAB 752™ analyzer, able to process kits with ELISA and IFA technics at the same time
  • Elisa & IFA Autoimmune Products
  • Hemoagglutination Autoimmune Products
  • Immunoblot & Immunodot Autoimmune Products
  • Immunoquick™
  • Latex Agglutination Autoimmune Products
  • Real Time detection

More information at AXA Diagnostics Web Site

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Labware and Chemicals for Laboratories and Industry
Since 1853


CARLO ERBA Reagents is active in 3 business areas strictly related one to the other, in order to provide a complete service to the customers, as a real “partner”:
• CHEMICALS: products dedicated for the academic laboratory and the industry
• CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: high technical content products for the research labs
• LABWARE: a large variety of different products to meet any laboratory needs

More information at Carlo Erba Reagents Web Site

Laminar air flow and wide range of laboratory equipment
Since 1984


  • Leading European manufacturers of LAF equipment and systems
  • Export department: 6 employees
  • R & D department: staff of 11 engineers
  • Manufacturing department: 57 employees

All FASTER products are manufactured according to the regulations currently in force. Microbiological Safety Cabinets are certified, from LNE-France and TUV-Germany, according to the EN12469:2000 standard. 


  • Laminar airflow and microbiological safety cabinets
  • Cytotoxyc drug safety Cabinets
  • Ultra-low freezers
  • Isolators for cytotoxic application and sterility test
  • Bespoke laminar flow units for industrial applications
  • Fume hoods (molecular, partial and total exhaust)
  • Laboratory benches

More information at Faster Web Site